Weight-Loss Challenge is a site you can post and check your daily weights on.
It's a simple and effective way to lose weight. Posting weight once a day will give the time to think back and analyze why your weight change. At the same time, endorphins are released in your brain when you see a chart showing you losing weight. Endorphins are anti-stress hormones that relieve pain and raise pleasant feelings naturally. So you can slim down happily.
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You can use three charts.

You can use weight, body-fat percentage, and BMI charts. These are useful for your health.

Records of meals

A diet is another key of weight-loss. You can record your meals on this site. It help you to analyze your weight changes.

Exercise Calorie Calculation

You need to exercise to burn off 400 calories a day for weight-loss. You can easily calculate and record exercise calories on this site.

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